*bad moew*

*bad moew* is the planned first run of the Wampus keyboard design.

More details will be published here closer to the raffle event date.

Read more about the design.


  • Planned Units: 25
  • Price: 550USD
  • Availability: In-stock Raffle
  • Timeline: Second half of 2021


  • E-white case top
  • E-white case bottom
  • Black-plated steel weight
  • Black anodized aluminum plate
  • OLED screen assembly
  • OLED daughterboard
  • Main PCB (*bad moew* ed., solderable)
  • 1mm Pitch FPC Cable
  • Black M3 Torx Screws
  • Molded Rubber Feet
  • Various Packaging

Keycaps not included 🙃.