The Wampus is a 60% keyboard featuring the alternative layout popularized by the TGR Alice, an OLED screen above the alpha clusters, and a side profile with a thick seam that parallels the case bottom. 🐈


The OLED above the alpha clusters attaches to the case like a badge as a single assembly of OLED screen, tempered glass screen lens, and controller PCB. The screen lens is shaped to match the keys, integrating with the case as well as matching the composition of the layout.


The case is two pieces, with a thick seam where they meet parallel to the case bottom. The bottom is visible in the side profile, and is designed to equally support plastic and metal material options. The bottom case also fills the internal cavity to minimize open space inside.

On the case top, the large chamfer on the front softens palm contact. And the LED indicator hole shapes are increased to form a line.


  • Layout: 60% Alice (64-66 switches, 4-6 2U Stabilizers)
  • Typing Angle: 6⅔ degrees
  • Plate: Top mount, compatible with standard Alice plates
  • Screen: Pre-assembled 128x32 OLED and glass screen lens
  • PCBs: Main and OLED daughterboard
  • Interface: USB-C

Last Updated: January 16, 2021